Fancy-XR 3D Exhibition Cloud
- empowering 3D Digitalized Exhibitions

As a pioneer of mobile 3D Exhibition Cloud solution, we envisioned to help organizers run smarter exhibitions featuring 3D Digital Twins in a easier and lower TCO mode, with cutting edge XR (Web 3d/AR/VR etc) technologies.

How Organizers amplify your ROI

  • - elevate brand image as a bold innovator
  • - re-innovate services with 3D Maps Navigation、traffic attract and push.
  • - re-invent visitor experience with better on- and off-line integration.
  • - end-to-end data-based insight to optiize exhibition operation.

3D Showroom & Customer Engagement Solutions

Make your showroom always ON, vivid to life, and maximize your ROI via digital technologies including cross-screen Virtual/augmented Reality, etc.

    Demo Video

  • - Multiply traffic via Attention attracting content.
  • - Increase conversion via tuitive interaction, plus strengthened online engagement.
  • - Integrate online and offline for big show event.
  • - Accelerate inside-selling cycle via Remote Demo Feature

3D Visual Customization

Leveraging cutting-edge Web-based 3D simulation and XR (Web 3D/AR/VR) technology, it empowers 3D visualized commerce featuring Make-to-order or Engineering to order, integrating market, sell to manufacturing, which is the core of Industrie 4.0 transformation.

    Watch Demo Video

  • - See what you configured vividly
  • - Interactive customization, immeidate 3D rendering
  • - Html5 compatible, easy to socialize on mobile
  • - Streamlined process from market, sell to manufacturing


Customized solution and service to support your marketing, sales and internal enablement efforts.

VR/AR Demo and Games

Customized VR/AR demo/games to support conceptualization, product launch,Open Day, events, etc.

Integrated solution for exhibition.

Customized solution to integrate online / Offline exhibition and customer engagement process

Customized skill training solution

Customized solution to empower selling training to sales new hires, or maintenance training to customers

Inside sales remote demo solution

Customized remote VR/3D demo solution to help inside/tele-sales to accelerate selling cycle.

Our Works

Below are some exmaples of our works for your reference.

Product sales tools

Immersive experience and change customization setting and kits at fingertip ticks...

Digital Showroom

Digitalize your offline demo booth into cross-screen 3D immersive online demo booth.

AR applications

AR apps to enable marketing or training, e.g. AR Invitation letter, AR on-site engagement, etc

VR in soft skill training

VR to empower communications skill training, combined with data-based analysis and feedback.

VR/AR in maintenance

VR/AR to support cutomer maintenance training and remote collaboration in post-sales support.

Surrealistic Booth

Surrealistic booth to demo big, hazardous, time and geographical difficult objects, processes and features.

Meeting the team

The team boast of long time expertise in marketing management, XR application R&D, and solid accumulation in data-based analysis, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

We also invite you who are passionate about achieving something fantastic in leveraging VR/AR, AI tecnologies to enabling better businesses and better individuals. please contact us via

Michael Wong, CEO&Co-Founder

Michael Wong is an entrepreneur and executive with rich experience in Marketing and Business Strategy in B2B IT and smart manufacturing solution vendors, e.g. IBM, SAP, and other leading Europing global leading company, etc.

About Us

Fancy-XR Limited, a speciliazed solution provider of Smart 3D Showroom solution and Business Skill Training Solution, is envisioned to enpower Markting Exhibition & Sales Demo, and Business Skill training with XR (Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality), Artificial Intelligence techonogies and Industry Best Practices. As a result drastic improvemnt on ROI of marketing exhibiting, customer engagement as well as business skill training./p>


For more information about Fancy-XR company, our solutions and customization service, please feel free to leave us a message. We'll respond to you as soon as possible.

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