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Fancy-XR is envisioned to provide leading Metaverse & WebXR (3D/VR/AR) virtual exhibition platform and digital Expo. solutions.

We are dedicated to inspire new dimensions into online exhibition and marketing.


Meta Conference

To faststart Conferences with booth areas in metaverse, from webpage


Meta Expo

To start exhibitions in web metaverse, enpowering omini-channel connections.


Meta PR Conference

Facilitate PR Conferences in metaverse, enabling access from anywhere, anytime


Meta Ceremony

Meta experience for anniversaries for companies, schoole and universities, alumini,

3D Virtual Exhibition

independent virtual Exhibition cloud, enabling self-service to setup your virtual booth, showroom and multi-booth hall in minutes with maximum ROI...

3D Digital Expo

deploy your fancy digital exhibitions quickly and at cost-efficiently, integrating vendor list, vendor page, 3D map, event agenda system and 3D booths...

Virtual Art Show

template-based 3D virtual art museum publisher, enables automatic spacing, batch uploading of paintings and description excels, with URL and embeding codes...

Product 3D Demo

easy setup, rich media feature demo (voice/text, animations, video, picture, etc), access from both smartphone and onsite LED.

Our Technologies

Integrates WebXR (3D/VR/AR) technologies to empower smart visual marketing and 3D virtual exhibitions.

Industry leading Web3D exhibition platform

1. applications platform designed for virtual exhibition marketing
2. expedite template-based 3D Booth/showroom setup
3. enabling intuitive camera, hotspots, animation, 3D tour control.

self-service Pano/VR Online Publisher

Make panorama creation and publishing easy and low cost to everyone, including pictures integration and tiling, hotspots editing, visitor interactive tools.

Our Products
Standard Products

Use Cases and Scenarios

Events & Exhibitions


Auto and parts


Hi-tech Electronics



Government Sectors

Arts and education

Customer Reference

Below please find our customer cases and project references, please contact us info@fancy-xr.com for more.

Fudan Anti-Cancer Showroom

Initiated by Fudan Zhongshan Hospital Anti-Cancer Center and Shanghai Science Dev. Fund...

LabTech Milestone Showroom

Pano showroom with new product release interaction at Annual Meeting of Chinese Panthologists...

Liaoning Endocrinology Forum Showhall

Exhibitors include global brands e.g. AstraZeneca, Abbott, Sanofi, novo nordisk, Lilly, Merck...

3D Greetings of Moon Festival

mini 3D game style Moon Festival greetings, release lantern, sending messages...

Heilongjiang Cybersecutiry Week

Exhibitors includes brands like H3C, China TeleCom, 360, An Tian, An Heng, etc...

CCIAFF 3D Virutal Booths Batch API

Enabling fast release of 3D Virtual Booths in batches in days, Bird-view plus first person

Nanjng University Forum Showhall

Endocrinology and Metabolism Forum showhall, with many global pharmatheutical leading brands...

Smart Manufacutring 3D Demo

demonstration of Smart Manufacturing with robotics, integrated with Digital Operation Management

Company Vitual Showroom

Move around as you like, interact with posters, videos, mechanic animations, audio devices...

Product 3D Demo

3D demo of your products, view from every angle, animated selling points and assembling demo.

SAP Cloud Forum booth area

SAP Cloud Forum 2019 leveraged our 3D map and 3D virutual show to inspire brand new experience.

3D Expo Map

Provide 3D visual path planning at exhibition centers, cross-floor, cross buildings...

TJSD Kids' Gallery

Create online 3D Arts Show at this COVID-19 situation, enabling visitor access via mobile and PC

Product demo and selling tool

3D vivid display of products from all direction and distance, multimedia + animatin selling points demo

Digital Booth

Digitalize your traditional physical booth to bring about next generation customer experience.

Partnering Brands

About us

Fancy-XR Limited, a speciliazed solution provider of Smart 3D Showroom solution and Business Skill Training Solution, is envisioned to enpower Markting Exhibition & Sales Demo, and Business Skill training with XR (Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality), Artificial Intelligence techonogies and Industry Best Practices. As a result drastic improvemnt on ROI of marketing exhibiting, customer engagement as well as business skill training.

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