Set up 3D Virtual Art Show Live around the year

Virtual Art Exhibition

Against COVID-19, set up online Art Exhibitions alive everyday.

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Virtual Art Museum

Transfer physical art exhibition to online exhibition, accessible to everyone

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Graduation Art Exhibition

Set up and amplify your graduation art show at finger clicks

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Fancy 3D Art Exhibition platform
- Ampowering Virtual Exhibitions for Arts

    Wechat: 芃艺3D云画廊
  • Template pool: pool of templates readily available for quick start
  • Single click uploading: quick to upload all pictures at single click
  • Auto spacing:automatic lining of pictures along the wall
  • Personalization: size, framecolor and touring speed are configurable
  • Audio/text denotation: audio and text denotation supported for art info.

Success Story: 中国·永仁直苴彝族赛装节云展厅、南京星星索美术中心、同济设计研究院六一儿童画展等多个知名案例。

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Zhuang Minority Photo Exhibition


Nanjing Kids Art Education Center Exhibition


TJSD Kids Art Gallery


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